Bernd Holzgartner at China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit

12月 7, 2023

The China Intellectual Property and Innovation Summit (CIPIS) in Beijing, an exciting event for the Asian IP community, came to an end today. Bernd Holzgartner, partner at 2SPL, participated in the event as a panelist on the subject of intellectual property protection for software.

Together with Asian in-house IP experts, Bernd took to the stage to discuss current options for protecting software. Bernd gave the audience in Beijing valuable insights into the intricacies of patent applications for software in Europe, especially when it comes to innovations involving artificial intelligence.

2SPL is highly experienced both in preparing patent applications and in successfully conducting patent granting proceedings for inventions involving software, IT & computer technology. We look forward to hearing from you if you need support in protecting your software innovations!

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