Dr. Klaus Platzer, Dipl.-Phys.

Mr. Platzer received his Diplom (equivalent to M.Sc.) in physics at Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich, Germany, where he studied physics with a focus on elementary particle physics. Subsequently, he led a project for developing a novel detector system within the multinational collaboration of the COMPASS experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). He successfully finished the project in 2004 and received his doctorate in the same year (equivalent to Ph.D.).

Mr. Platzer had the opportunity to further his education in the field of intellectual property rights by working in the renowned international law firm Schoppe located in Pullach/Munich, Germany. Mr. Platzer is currently a German Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, and European Trademark and Design Attorney.

Due to personal research and his own hands-on experience, Mr. Platzer has profound knowledge of measurement and test engineering, as well as on mechanical and electrical open and closed loop control systems. While doing his doctorate, Mr. Platzer was responsible for multiple complex measurement systems and developed sophisticated image analysis and detection algorithms.

The technical fields in which Mr. Platzer was predominantly active in his previous law firm coincided with his personal interests such that he was able to significantly increase his expertise in those technical fields. Those main areas of practice particularly include audio and video coding as well as multimedia and entertainment electronics. Mr. Platzer also has profound knowledge in the field of computer and network technologies, areas in which he worked as a successful freelancing consultant.

Mr. Platzer speaks German and English fluently