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Girls’Day 2024 at 2SPL

5月 1, 2024

Last week, on April 25th, we had the pleasure of hosting ten female students from grades eight to ten at our patent law firm as part of the Girls’Day initiative.

Initially, the group delved into fundamental questions: What is a patent, and what are the tasks of a patent attorney? Additionally, the path to becoming a patent attorney was explained. To conclude, the girls had the opportunity to grill Klaus Platzer, one of the founders of 2SPL, with questions. The students were enthusiastic and engaged throughout.

For the third consecutive year, 2SPL participated in the nationwide Girls’Day. Girls’Day – Future Prospects for Girls is a nationwide project to help girls with their career and study planning. On this annual day of action, female students are given an insight into professions or fields of study with a percentage of women below 40 percent.

We look back on a successful morning and are already looking forward to Girls’Day 2025!

For more information, please visit www.girlsday.de

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