Semiconductor Technology

The semiconductor technology is a key sector of our digital world. It is a driving force behind the rapid development of computers, smartphones, consumer electronics and much more.

Complex inventions – not a problem for us

One of the main focuses of 2SPL in the field of semiconductors is the protection of physical semiconductor devices such as transistors, MEMS components or integrated circuits. When drafting patent applications, our specialized patent attorneys translate the sometimes highly complex inventions of our clients into patent claims with features that can be proven in the product.

When conducting patent granting proceedings, we ensure that patent claims with an enforceable scope of protection are granted. This enables us to provide our clients with industrial property rights of the highest economic value.

Our expertise enables communication on an equal footing

The protection of manufacturing methods for semiconductor devices is another focus of 2SPL in the field of semiconductors. Based on their own experience, the 2SPL patent attorneys are able to discuss the technical aspects of our clients’ innovative manufacturing methods with their inventors on an equal footing and translate them into customized patents with genuine added value.

The 2SPL patent attorneys specializing in semiconductors have studied physics or electrical engineering and have gained extensive experience in this field as developers in the commercial sector or as researchers in renowned research institutions.

Your contact person for the field of semiconductors:

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Stefan Müller

Stefan Müller


Patent Attorney
+49 89 44 23 59 325

2SPL’s expertise in the field of semiconductors includes especially knowledge of the following technologies:

  • semiconductor physics (FET, BJT, IGBT, LED, OLED, laser, TFT, CCD)
  • semiconductor production (front-end, back-end, and package technology)
  • thin-film technology (PVD, CVD, photolithography, IBE, RIE, MBE)
  • surface analysis (AFM, STM, MFM)
  • power electronics
  • microsystems technology/MEMS
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