Oppositions and Nullity

Not only do we defend your patents against oppositions and patent nullity actions, but we also help you to take action against undesirable third-party patents.

Die 2SPL Patent Attorneys Yong B. Hwang und Kieran O‘Leary im Austausch vor dem Rechner.

If a patent is attacked by way of an opposition or a nullity action, it is of great importance for patent proprietors to defend the patent with a sufficient extent of protection – for example, in order to continue to sufficiently protect a product against patent infringement or to maintain the standard essentiality of a patent.

Our patent attorneys defend their clients’ patents with passion and full commitment.

Not only do our patent attorneys unerringly work out differences to the prior art cited and develop tailor-made legal arguments with their technical expertise and experience in contentious proceedings, but they also present such differences and arguments convincingly and in a way that is comprehensible to the judges in opposition and patent nullity proceedings.

In this process, we always work in close consultation with the client in order to obtain the patent with an extent of protection from which the client can draw the greatest possible benefit.

In the event of an attack on third-party patents, our aim is to eliminate the attacked patent as far as possible or at least to restrict the patent to such an extent that it no longer threatens our clients’ products.

Here, too, our patent attorneys’ high level of technical specialization and their experience help them to develop attacks and arguments that will convince the judges in opposition and patent nullity proceedings of the lack of patentability of the attacked patent.

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