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We are your competent partner for patent applications. We support you from the invention disclosure to the final patent application.

2SPL Anwalt beim Erstellen einer Patentanmeldung

The decision as to whether a patent is granted depends largely on the patent application filed. Even small mistakes jeopardize success.

Drafting patent applications is a challenging task that is made even more complex by the need of taking into account the different requirements of different countries of protection.

A particular writing style that is effective in one region can cause considerable problems in other countries. Many of these problems can be avoided if they are carefully considered already during the drafting phase.

In which countries should patent protection be obtained?

Our patent attorneys consider this question right from the start. We understand the challenges that can arise from the different requirements of the countries of protection and help you to obtain patent applications that are successful in different countries.

Thanks to our extensive expertise and experience, we minimize potential problems already in the drafting phase. The best possible protection of your intellectual property is our priority.

For most applicants, especially from the technology sector, the US market is of key importance. Therefore, compliance of the patent application with the requirements of the US patent law is particularly important for many applicants. We are one of the very few law firms in Europe that has also US patent attorneys in our team. This provides us with first-hand experience regarding patent granting proceedings and jurisdiction in the USA and an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements prevailing in the USA. This experience has a direct impact on the drafting of our patent applications and ensures that our patent applications result in extremely efficiently granted patents in the USA.  

Property rights of the highest economic value

Due to our high level of technical specialization, our clients like to mandate us with regard to the protection of particularly complex technologies.

Our clients particularly appreciate the fact that their inventors can discuss technical issues with the 2SPL patent attorneys on an equal footing.

They also highly appreciate the fact that we take the utmost care when selecting the scope of protection covered by a patent claim and always have the enforceability of the patent claims in mind when drafting patent applications.

This enables us to provide our clients with industrial property rights of the highest economic value in an efficient way. Perfectly tailored to every invention.

Successful granting – statistically proven

In the following, you will find anonymized granting statistics of the European Patent Office for one of our major clients. The client’s granting rate for applications handled by 2SPL is significantly higher than its average granting rate. Applications drafted by us are therefore more likely to be successful.

In addition, the official statistics show that, on average, we need fewer communications pursuant to Art. 94(3) EPC before a decision on the application is taken. With the same capital investment, we therefore achieve better results for our clients than other firms.

EPO granting rates (%)

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Average number of communications pursuant to Art. 94 (3) EPC

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