Patent Prosecution

We conduct patent granting proceedings with the aim of obtaining patents of the highest economic value for our clients.

Team-Meeting bei 2SPL

Successfully conducting a patent granting proceedingrequires a considered and targeted approach in order to ultimately obtain a patent with a high degree of usefulness.

A patent that cannot be infringed in practice due to an incorrectly selected scope of protection or unprovable claim features may look good in the granting statistics, but it remains a toothless paper tiger.

We therefore precisely define the objective to be achieved with a patent application with our clients during the patent granting proceeding and pay particular attention to the enforceability of the claims.

Our know-how for your success

As experts in their technical focus areas, our patent attorneys are able to recognize subtle differences to the prior art and present them to patent examiners in a plausible manner.

Due to their in-depth technical understanding and knowledge of relevant standards, our patent attorneys are also your ideal partner to obtain standard essential patents (SEPs) – especially for communication standards.

A good understanding of clients and efficiency

Not only are our patent attorneys specialized technical experts, but they are also excellent listeners. They take a close look at our clients’ needs and clarify in detail the objectives to be achieved with a patent application.

In this context, we attach particular importance to efficiency and always keep an eye on the costs. It is our aim not only to obtain suitable patents, but also to achieve this in an efficient manner.

This understanding of our clients enables us to develop customized solutions and offer them genuine added value.

Our success proves us right.

In the following, you will find anonymized granting statistics of the European Patent Office (EPO) for one of our clients which has a high number of applications at the EPO. The client’s granting rate for applications handled by 2SPL is significantly higher than its average granting rate.

In addition, the official statistics show that, on average, we need fewer communications pursuant to Art. 94(3) EPC before a decision on the application is taken. With the same capital investment, we therefore achieve better results for our clients than other firms.

EPO granting rates (%)

Quelle: ipQuants AG /

Average number of communications pursuant to Art. 94 (3) EPC

Quelle: ipQuants AG /
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