Social Responsibility

Sustainability, social action and responsible corporate governance are important building blocks towards a more sustainable and fairer world. At 2SPL, we try to bring these concepts to life in a variety of ways and bring about positive change through our actions.

Diversity is a given for us

Equality is therefore one of our core values. Our team has a diverse and multinational background. This potential enables us to use our individual skills and talents to constantly create new, innovative and creative solutions, both for our clients and for 2SPL itself.

Open to all

Everyone is welcome as a human being and is treated equally at 2SPL – regardless of, for example, origin, age, gender, faith or sexual orientation. We are actively committed to further promoting the diversity of our team.

For example, we regularly take part in Girls’ Day to get girls and young women interested in working in intellectual property as early as possible.

Further information about Girls’ Day at

We also accept our social responsibility with the greatest of ease.

2SPL’s participation in the Bavarian Patent Attorney Table Football Tournament not only guarantees our partners and employees sociable evenings in a relaxed atmosphere thanks to regular tournament victories, but also benefits a good cause through our donations to the Freundeskreis der Stiftung Kindergesundheit [Friends of the Children’s Health Foundation].

Find out everything you need to know about the annual Bavarian Patent Attorney Table Football Tournament.

Here you can find out more about the work of the Stiftung Kindergesundheit.

Drei Pokale, jeweils für den ersten Platz beim Patentanwaltskickerturnier.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Another core value of 2SPL is sustainability. Both as a company and as individuals, we are dependent on an intact environment and therefore want to contribute to the preservation of nature and the environment.

For us, sustainability does not just mean helping our clients to change the world for the better with their inventions.

By acting efficiently, with foresight and in a resource-conserving manner, we ourselves contribute to constantly reducing our ecological footprint.

Some examples:

  • Thanks to the consistent digitalization of our processes, we now work paperless.
  • We reduce our energy consumption as much as possible by using modern electrical appliances, motion detectors, etc.
  • Through digital communication with our clients, patent authorities and courts, we avoid unnecessary travel.
  • We prefer to use sustainable and local products and services.

We have also been certified as climate-neutral since 2023. We have Fokus Zukunft determine our remaining emissions and offset them by financing sustainability projects.

Our commitment to bees

By adopting several beehives, we also support beefuture in sustainable environmental protection.

Bees are the mainstay of our ecosystem. More than 80% of native flowering plants are dependent on pollination. No pollination no plants, no plants no animals, no animals no people, no people no innovations.

Since 1950, the global bee population has fallen by more than half. We want to counteract this development with our support. Our adoptive bees show their appreciation every year in the form of delicious honey – which is extremely popular with both our employees and our clients.

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Find out more about beefuture’s work here.

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