The automotive industry is not only a symbol of mobility, but also a driver of technology. From the first vehicles of the 19th century to the highly developed vehicles of today, the automotive industry has experienced an impressive development.

There is more to a car than just mechanics

Modern vehicles are turning more and more into “computers on wheels” and are becoming increasingly interconnected with their surroundings. Thanks to our extensive experience in telecommunications, electrical engineering and software, IT & computer technology, we are the ideal partner for both automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers when it comes to the protection of innovations.

Customized solutions for the automotive industry

The law firm 2SPL provides its clients in the automotive industry with customized solutions to protect their innovations from being imitated. We specialize in particular in preparing patent applications and conducting patent prosecution proceedings for inventions in the automotive sector.

We always aim at providing our clients with patents with an enforceable scope of protection and thus industrial property rights of the highest economic value.

With our technical expertise, we also support our clients in opposition, patent nullity and patent infringement proceedings – especially in disputes concerning standard-essential patents (SEPs) for communication standards as well as in disputes concerning classic vehicle components such as gearboxes, clutches or vibration dampers.

Your contact persons for the automotive sector are

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Dr. Mirko Schacht

Dr. Mirko Schacht


Patent Attorney
+49 89 44 23 59 322

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Dr. Klaus Platzer

Dr. Klaus Platzer


Patent Attorney
+49 89 44 23 59 323

2SPL’s expertise in the automotive sector includes especially knowledge of the following technologies:

  • connected car
  • V2I, V2V, V2C, V2P, and V2X
  • autonomous driving, fully automated driving and highly automated driving
  • electric drives
  • power electronics
  • sensors, especially radar, LiDAR, and ToF sensors
  • artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML), especially sensor data processing
  • analog and digital signal processing
  • control engineering
  • gearboxes, clutches & vibration dampers
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